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Welcome to Full Gardens!

Gardening Tips Beginner and ExpertFull Gardens is a gardening resource to help gardeners get the most from their soil. After years of having people ask questions on what type of plants, flowers and vegetables to grow, where to grow them, how to prepare the soil, I've decided to try to answer these questions for everyone online. If nothing else, this will be a great project and it will give me an opportunity to grow as well. No pun intended hehe. We're located in Victoria, BC.

If you're a beginner gardener we'll help you pick the kind of garden that best suits your needs, offer practical advise on how to prepare your garden, and give you advice on the how to take care of your plants, vegetables, and flowers.

If you are an experienced gardener, we have ideas on how to take you to the next level. Whether you're looking for a higher amount of produce and crops, considering side projects to enhance your soil or become more sustainable, we have information that will help.

We have many different areas available to assist you with your gardening efforts. Feel free to look everything over by using the menu on the left. Also, if you find the information we have available useful to you, don't forget to add FullGardens.com to your favorites!

We do not have a Gardening Forum set up yet, but that is a project that hopefully will be done soon. One of the best things about the Internet is the ability to share information, even for us green thumbs!

For now, if you have any gardening questions, or feel the need to send me photographs of your bumper crop for bragging rights (I hope to eventually have a section dedicated to the images for all the plants we talk about here, and I can use the help), please use the contact button over on the left.

The menu of the left gives a breakdown of everything that is currently covered, however, if there is something that hasn't been gone over, please let me know.

A breakdown of the menu:

Home - back to the main page

Garden Types - Pictures and descriptions for all the different types of gardens one can have.

Seeds - How plants grow, seed types, just a really good introduction

Garden Plants - A comprehensive list of the garden plants that are around
  • Flowers - List of flowers you may want in your garden
  • Vegetables - List of vegetables you may want to consider growing
  • Fruits - List of all the different types of fruit you can plant
  • Herbs - What kitchen doesn't need a little something to spice things up?
Greenhouses - How they work, why they were invented

Nurseries - Important points to consider when chosing one, and advantages that nurseries can provide.

Weeds and Weeding - How to keep weeds to a minimum. Information on the different methods used, how we define a weed, and some examples

Pesticides - Pros and Cons of pesticides. Some people love them, some people hate them. My personal point of view is to use organic methods to keep pests under control.

Fertilizers - Fantastic way to really get a garden going. Some background information as well as environmental concerns about overuse of fertilizers.

Agricultural History - Not just the history, but a breakdown of a lot of different things that fall under the category

Plant Hardiness Zones - If you're looking to add a garden or trees to your property, it's important to know what will grow in your region. We cover that here.

Grafting - Some truly amazing things have been done via grafting over the years. While I have not yet been personally successful at this, I do have an apple tree on my property with 3 different varieties of apple, one type on each level of branch.

Organic vs Hybrid - Discusses the different between the two, the benefits of each, and helps you decide what you want in your garden.

Soil Building - A crucially important facet of gardening is how to keep the nutrient level of your soil up. Composting or fertilizers are excellent ideas, and we have more.

Gardening Tools - List of the tools to make gardening a bit easier.

Landscaping Tips - How to maximize the beauty and functionality of your property.

Gardening Books - Books we feel can help you with your gardening efforts.

Gardening Magazines - Magazines dedicated to our favorite topic.

Famous Gardens - gardens that are known the world over, or were known in the past.

Recommended Sites - Related sites that offer information and useful ideas.

Contact Us - Have an idea or suggestion to make this website better? Let me know!

Still to Come:

Image Galleries - Ideally, we should have a gallery for each plant... practically I hope to have extensive photos available for people to look at.

Forums - Talk with new friends about your gardening projects, challenges and how you overcame them, connect with other plant lovers.