FULL GARDENS .com - Starting with I - Garden Plants - Comprehensive list of all varieties of plants starting with I, from Iberis (candytuft) to Ixora

List of Plants Starting With I

Comprehensive List of all Garden Plants starting with I

Gardening Tips Beginner and ExpertHere is a comprehensive list of plant types starting with the letter I from Iberis (candytuft) to Ixora and everything in between. For a complete listing of plants be sure to go back to our Plant Variety Database

List of all Garden Plants starting with I

* Iberis (candytuft)
* Ibervillea
* Idesia
* Ilex (holly)
* Illicium
* Impatiens (balsam)
* Imperata
* Incarvillea
* Indigofera
* Inula
* Iochroma
* Ipheion
* Ipomoea (morning glory)
* Ipomopsis
* Iresine
* Iris
* Isatis
* Isoplexis
* Isopyrum
* Itea
* Ixia (corn lily)
* Ixiolirion
* Ixora