FULL GARDENS .com - Starting with V - Garden Plants - Comprehensive list of all varieties of plants starting with V, from Vaccinium (blueberry) to Vriesea

List of Plants Starting With V

Comprehensive List of all Garden Plants starting with V

Gardening Tips Beginner and ExpertHere is a comprehensive list of plant types starting with the letter V from Vaccinium (blueberry, cranberry, huckleberry) to Vriesea and everything in between. For a complete listing of plants be sure to go back to our Plant Variety Database

List of all Garden Plants starting with V

* Vaccinium (blueberry, cranberry, huckleberry)
* Valeriana (valerian)
* Vallea
* Vancouveria
* Vanda (an orchid genus)
* Vanilla
* Veitchia
* Vellozia
* Veltheimia
* Venidium (cape daisy and others)
* Veratrum
* Verbascum (mullein)
* Verbena
* Vernonia (ironweed)
* Veronica (speedwell)
* Veronicastrum
* Verticordia
* Vestia
* Viburnum
* Victoria (giant waterlily)
* Vigna (cowpea and various beans)
* Viguiera
* Vinca (periwinkle)
* Viola (pansy, violet)
* Virgilia
* Viscaria
* Vitaliana
* Vitex
* Vitis (grape)
* Vriesea